Carlos Alfredo Joly

Carlos Alfredo Joly graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of São Paulo/USP (1976), obtained his MSc in Plant Biology at the State University of Campinas/UNICAMP (1979) and his PhD in Botany at the Univ. St. Andrews/UK (1982). Since 1998 he is full professor in Plant Ecology at the Department of Plant Biology, Biology Institute, State University of Campinas, teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses.


Since 2005 he is coordinating a Long Term Ecological Research (Brazilian PELD) focusing on floristic, structure and functioning of the Atlantic Rainforest along an altitudinal gradient at Nuclei Picinguaba and Santa Virginia, Serra do Mar State Park/PESM (


Since 2009 he is the Chairman of the BIOTA/FAPESP Research Program ( and