Cristina Miyaki

Cristina Yumi Miyaki graduated from the University of São Paulo (1990) in Biological Sciences, obtained her Master’s (1993) and PhD (1996) in Biology/Genetics at the Institute of Biosciences, University of São Paulo, where she is presently Associate Professor in the Department of Genetics and Evolutionary Biology. Here, she teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. Cristina’s main interests are biogeography, evolution and conservation genetics of neotropical birds. She has more than 70 papers on these subjects.

Post-Docs & Students

Ph.D Students


Denise Martins

Denise is interested in the evolutionary mechanisms underlying the hybrid zones of neotropical birds. One of her main study foci is to explore the mechanisms of introgression and to understand the spatio-temporal patterns of introgression given different geographic and ecological contexts. Her research focuses in a region close to Valley of Paraiba do Sul River, in the Atlantic Forest, that has been considered an important area of contact for closely related taxa of some birds and other groups of vertebrates.